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About Pengzhou
  • Geography

    Location in Sichuan Pengzhou is located in the northwestern Sichuan Basin, and in the northwestern border of Chengdu Plain, 36 kilometers from the urban area of Chengdu. It ranges in longitude from 103°40′-104°10′ East, while its latitude ranges from 30°54′-31°26&…[more]

  • Geography

    Diagram of Pengzhou’s Administrative AreaPengzhou has jurisdiction over 20 towns (102 neighborhood committees and 251 village committees), including: Tianpeng Town, Longmenshan Town, Xiaoyudong Town, Cifeng Town, Tongji Town, Bailu Town, Xinxing Town, Lichun Town, Guihua Town, Hongyan Town, Gexiansh…[more]

  • Geography

    New Look of PengzhouPengzhou has a long history, because during the Western Zhou Dynasty, over 3,000 years ago, Peng People started living here, then established a nation, and founded a capital in Qushang (now Xinxing Town of Pengzhou)In the second year of Chuigong under the reign of Empress Wu (AD …[more]

  • Geography

    Pengzhou is located in the middle of the geological structure of the Longmenshan Mountain, as well as the buffer zone of the Tibetan Plateau and the Chengdu Plain, with the unique topography of mountains, hills, and dams, earning it the reputation of a spectacular sightseeing resort. The National Fo…[more]

Invest in Pengzhou
  • Investment Environment

    Geographical Location Located in the northwest of Chengdu, Pengzhou is one of the 19 districts, cities and counties under the jurisdiction of Chengdu. 25 km away from Chengdu, it borders Aba in the north, adjoins Pixian County (current Pidu District) and Xindu District in the south, connects Dujia…

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  • Investment Cost
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  • Investment Services

    Investment promotion must be conducted according to following procedures.(I) Project information collection. After knowing the project investment information, all units must fill in the Report Form for Introduced Project pf Pengzhou in time which should be signed and sealed by relevant persons-in-ch…

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